Just Say No

In high school they told us “just say no to drugs and alcohol” and many jokes were made about saying no. I wish rule would have been taught to us a little differently.

~It’s okay to say no to someone that drains you emotionally or makes you feel bad about yourself

~It’s okay to say no to going out if you are exhausted

~It’s ok to say no if you just don’t want to

~It’s okay to say no to picking up extra shifts if you are already over hours and going to school and have 2 tests and also run an online business and are trying to workout eat healthy and get enough sleep to survive

Unfortunately that last one has been my life for the past few months and instead of saying no I have been saying yes… and let me tell you I am worn out! In my mind I needed to say yes to everything so that I will “deserve” to get a promotion or “deserve” to be successful, and that is just not the truth! I will never be perfect and there is nothing that I will ever be able to do to make myself perfect and the unfortunate news is you can’t either!

You are good enough as you are! Trying to kill yourself to do anything and everything isn’t necessary!

So for the sake of our mental health let’s start saying no!

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